About me


Vishal Ranjan


I’m Vishal Ranjan, the founder of ZeeTheme. I’m an Artist, a young Website Designer & Developer. I am a 20 years old college Student living in Delhi, India.

I love creating something from scratch, either it is a painting, a design or a website. Art is my life, and Website designing and development is my passion.  I have been creating websites for 5 years and have been working with WordPress for 3 years.


My story as a Website Developer

The reason why I learned website development is that, at the age of 15, I wanted a website to showcase my paintings.

So after a long research on google, I found out about Weebly website builder, which allows you to create a 5-page website for free. So I created my first website but I wasn’t satisfied. I wanted Perfection.

The 5-page free website wasn’t enough for me. And I had no money to buy Premium Features. But I wanted the Perfection on my website anyhow.

So one day I decided to learn to code and make my own website. And from that day until today, I am learning it.

I don’t know why but I never created that website to showcase my paintings. Maybe, because I found out that I can do bigger things than that. Or maybe, because that was the reason I started learning, and I don’t want it to end.

Or maybe, because until today, I haven’t found that Perfection for which I was looking for. And that is what motivates me to learn more and more.



About ZeeTheme

I have been creating custom WordPress themes for my clients for more one year. I have created many custom themes and child themes as a freelancer.

Then I decided to create and sell my own themes. And for that, I needed a proper website and solid branding. And that’s how ZeeTheme was born.