About Me

My name is Vishal Ranjan. I am 22 years old College Student living in New Delhi, India.

I am an Artist, Designer, and WordPress Developer.

I have been designing and developing websites for over 8 years and I have been working with WordPress for 3 years.

I am a very curious person and I find myself getting interested in about everything. I never thought I will be creating websites when I was young. But one day a person told me “You know what, you should hire a website developer to create a portfolio website for your Painting and Art “.  And there I was, a 13-year-old boy with no money but a lot of curiosity. I typed in google –  “how to create your own website”. And from that day till today, I am learning this awesome skill.

I have worked on everything from small websites to large E-Commerce Websites. I have developed several WordPress Themes and Plugins. And I am working on new themes and plugins every day.

About ZeeTheme

Before ZeeTheme, I was working as a freelancer. And I used to customize themes made by other developers to add features or to improve the design to fulfill my client’s needs.

I have made hundreds of child themes in the past. Then I realized that I should create my own themes. And that’s how ZeeTheme was created.

I released my first theme – WhiteDot. I created this theme to use it as a starter theme for my future themes. I uploaded it on wordpress.org and I was surprised to see such good reviews on my first theme.

I have been improving this theme and adding new features to it by listening to my users. And I am also working on a few more themes. It’s taking a long time, but It will be worth it.